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Why Wood Floors?

Visit Williford Flooring Company, Inc. where you get to choose from a variety of options such as engineered floors, solid floors etc. Engineered wood flooring is a wood flooring product that consists of layers of wood pressed together and is available in 3 and 5-ply.

We have engineered flooring that can be custom finished. Check out our options for staircases.

Find prefinished,

solid floors with different

lengths and widths

(usually 3/4" thick).


The Top Ten Reasons To Choose A Wood Floor.

1. Wood is a natural product in a diverse selection of colors and grain patterns. 

Who hasn’t marveled at the beauty of a home with a fine wood floor? There are more choices now than ever before… a wood floor for every taste. 


2. Wood is the easiest floor to clean, requiring far less chemicals.

Whenever someone says, “I think tile or carpet might be easier to clean,” I point to my wood floor cleaning tools – a swivel mop and a non-aerosol spray. I can clean my wood floors in less than half the time it takes to vacuum, scrub or shampoo other floor coverings. Wood doesn’t trap dust and fumes like carpet and doesn’t grow mold in the grout like tile. Best yet, fewer chemicals are needed.


3. It’s the best choice for the environment. Production is cleaner than alternatives.

Wood production is much cleaner than other building materials and sends less solid waste to the landfill than manufacturing steel or concrete. And wood is more energy efficient. The cellular structure of wood traps air, giving it superior insulating properties. It takes 15 inches of concrete to equal the insulation qualities of just one inch of wood. 


4. You can redecorate by changing your wood floor with stains, faux finishes and inlays.


5. Wood is a smart investment.

There is no depreciation on a wood floor. Real wood floors offer beauty for a lifetime – or longer! Carpet is replaced 3 to 6 time before most solid wood floor ever need repair.


6. Finishes can be easily repaired or reapplied.

As long as maintenance procedures have been followed, wood floors can be refinished instead of adding to the landfill, like many other floor coverings when they are replaced.


7. Wood floors give a little on your spine and legs and are better for your joints.

Don’t be surprised if your doctor recommends a wood floor for your spine and joints. Wood floors tend to give a little beneath you. Have you ever noticed that your feet get tired faster if you are standing on stone or tile than when you are standing on a wood floor?


8. Wood is an ideal choice for people with allergies.

Wood floors do not harbor dust mites or mold and do not trap dust or fumes. According to the American Lung Association, wood floors in the bedroom and other main living areas can improve air quality.


9. Wood floor sales return more money back to the wood industry to support good forest management.

The greatest threat to primary forests in this and other countries is conversion to other forms of land use. Wood floors are a high-end use of forest products that produces a good profit, thereby ensuring the perpetuation of the forest.


10. Wood is our greatest renewable resource.

And all the replanting is good for the environment. Scientists have shown that young trees use more carbon dioxide than older trees, much like younger animals need more food to survive.